MerCom provides exceptional promotional marketing strategies, coupled with the highest quality products and client service. We work with everyone from small business, to Fortune 500 companies and charitable organizations by maximizing the impact of their marketing dollars.


  • Prompt and Timely Delivery
    The perfect product with wonderful graphics is worthless if it arrives a week late. At MerCom, on-time delivery is part of the bargain and our first priority. By using only the best suppliers in the industry and treating them like valued customers, we assure excellent customer service. Extra attention is paid to our orders. We pass that benefit on to you.
  • Timely Response
    We know that you are moving at the speed of business, so we make it a priority to return your voicemail or email by the end of the business day.
  • Ease of contacting us
    MerCom knows that good communication equals good business relationships and better promotional products. Each of our account managers is accessible via phone, fax, cell phone and email. We’ll get back to you with same-day service.
  • Time-saving benefit
    Time is money. We’ll save you both, so you’ll enjoy doing the math. We view ourselves as an extension of your marketing team, working closely with you so you can make intelligently targeted product and ordering decisions.


  • Finding the Right Product
    Your Personal Account Manager’s job is to sort through the suppliers and find the item you need. With hundreds of thousands of products available from thousands of manufacturers, there is always a solution to your need. If it’s made, we’ll find it. And if it’s not made, we’ll have it made. At MerCom, that’s what we do.
  • Easy Access to Information
    Want to take a look at the possibilities yourself? Refer to our list of preferred vendors that are far above the competition in selection, style, quality and reliablity.
  • Availability of Samples
    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how would you like to have an actual sample in your hands?
    We know that your judgment benefits from hands-on experience. So we make sure that you will have a product sample before an order is filled. We make it happen fast, so that if you change your mind, you’ll still have time to change your order.
  • Variety
    Good? Better? Best? That’s your decision.
    Choose the best, and allow MerCom to make an intelligent, thoughtful variety of products available for your review. We’ll help you find a product with the perfect balance of creativity and quality, one that will most effectively communicate your message within your budget.
  • Custom work
    Off the wall? Out of the box? If you can think it, we can provide it, be it pea-sized or gargantuan. We’ll help you find the right product to fill your need, and you’ll have our custom manufacturers on call to make it happen with quality.
  • Product knowledge
    There are over a half a million custom imprinted products available in the industry. Sorting them out is our job.
    You’ll have the opportunity to choose from a vast selection, or you can ask us to eliminate the hassle and just present a few excellent choices. We strive to hire account managers with previous industry experience and a proven track record of customer service. Your benefit is access to inside information on what really works, what’s new, and what’s available fast.


  • Accurate Order Fulfillment
    When you order from MerCom, your Personal Account Manager is responsible for placing your order with our suppliers. Your communication channel is direct and simple, so your order will not be lost in a stack. And you won’t receive 24 shirts when you’ve ordered 24 cases of shirts.
  • Imprint and Graphic Quality
    The value of a promotional product is its ability to effectively communicate. To ensure that a product will not fail in the field, we partner with some of the best embroidery and screen printers in the business. Samples of our manufacturers’ work are always available for your review, so you’ll know what you will get before the order goes in.
  • Competitive Pricing
    We intend to be an industry leader, and we expect to accomplish that goal through competitive pricing. We’ll exceed your expectations in industry knowledge, customer service and overall performance while giving you the best unit price available.
  • All Charges Clearly Explained
    In business, nobody likes surprises, especially unpleasant ones. Extra charges, overruns, and any other “nickel and dime” fees are all unpleasant. That is why we strive to provide a full breakdown of all charges. We consider it our responsibility to keep you fully informed and under budget. Before we fulfill any order, you’ll have a complete understanding of the final unit cost.
  • Company Reputation
    It is a fact that people do business with people they know and trust. Our performance on the first order will get your attention. The next order will develop the pattern for a profitable business relationship. This consistent excellence ultimately determines our company’s reputation and builds customer trust and long term relationships. That’s our mission.


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