Custom Printed Shirts in Seattle with Company Logo

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Regardless of the industry you’re in, getting your company name out there is often harder than it first appears. After all, you can’t just plaster your business logo on a billboard and expect instant brand awareness—especially in a market as large and competitive as Seattle!

So how do you build your brand, engage potential clients, and bring your employees together?

From event staff and customer service reps to office personnel and C-level executives, MerCom has the perfect solution: custom printed apparel. 

We’ve worked with countless businesses here in Seattle and across the country, and we know how to choose and customize the right printed apparel for any industry. Explore the MerCom catalog of specialty made items now, or give us a call for expert guidance on all of your logoed apparel needs.

Modern Printed Apparel: So Much More Than T-Shirts!

If the idea of personalized apparel makes you think of cheap, low-quality t-shirt printing, you
aren’t alone. But at MerCom, we offer far more than that!

We go beyond basic shirt printing and thin, iron-on business logos and instead focus on delivering premium-grade, specialty made items that not only represent but also elevate your brand.

To do so, we’ll start with a detailed consultation to better understand your company’s services, target audience, and strategic marketing priorities. Then we’ll utilize this information to help you select and refine your company’s ideal apparel choices! Featured highlights of our high-end, fully customized printed apparel in Seattle include:

  • T-Shirts
  • Polo Shirts
  • Button-Downs
  • Rain Jackets
  • Fleeces
  • Hoodies
  • Golf and Tennis Attire

How to Pick Suitable Printed
Apparel for Logoed Items

Not sure what to focus on with your custom printed shirts? Below are just a few key characteristics of the most effective printed apparel for any Seattle business.

Mull over these aspects at your leisure, or call MerCom’s friendly apparel designers today for some professional shirt printing support!

  • Quality: Quality is perhaps the most important factor in any kind of apparel or t-shirt printing. It’s always best to choose durable materials from reputable, well-known manufacturers.

Sure, you might save a few bucks with cheaper, thinner materials—but you’ll also leave wearers with a very poor impression of your company. Even worse, you may end up spending just as much to continuously replace holey or threadbare shirts!

  • Target Audience: Like all marketing initiatives, you have to really know your target audience before you can even begin to consider things like material or logo design.

To do so, think about who will be receiving your custom printed shirts and how well they know your brand. Employees, regular clients, diehard brand enthusiasts, occasional customers, random passersby…each of these groups will each benefit from a different apparel marketing approach.

  • Expected Use: The question to ask yourself here is, “How will wearers use this business logo apparel?” Are you designing employee uniforms that have to stand up to hours of intensive manual labor? Or are you making casual-luxury customer giveaways to be worn poolside?

The planned use for your t-shirt, jacket, or other specialty made item will help you find the right piece of clothing in the right material, color, and weight.

  • Season: Many companies instinctively opt for logoed t-shirt printing due to the relatively low cost—but how many people actually wear light tees in Seattle’s rainy winter months?

For a more immediate return on your marketing dollars, select printed apparel that suits the current season. If you do choose another type of apparel, make sure there’s a specific reason (i.e. giving away logoed beach towels in February to prepare for the company’s summer retreat).

What Are Good Uses for Customized and Specialty Made Apparel?

Because MerCom’s shirt printing and other apparel services can be so highly personalized, you’ll be able create the perfect item of clothing for any use:

  • Employee Uniforms: Choose from casual t-shirts, water-resistant outdoor wear, coordinated button-down and cardigan sets, and more.
  • Event Giveaways: Hand out creatively themed business logo t-shirts at neighborhood hotspots like music festivals, state fairs, farmers markets, and sporting events.
  • Thank You Baskets: Send repeat customers a token of your appreciation with a specialty made t-shirt, polo, or jacket.
  • Gifts to Local Businesses: Build up your brand locally by sending fellow business owners some free printed apparel along with a note about your company.
  • Trade Show Freebies: Forget plastic keychains and cheap lanyards! High-end apparel will keep trade show attendees talking about your booth above the rest.

Looking for more ideas on custom printed shirts, branded promotional products, or apparel-based marketing? Then reach out to MerCom today to set up a free consultation with our Seattle shirt printing team!

Whether your printed apparel will be internal or customer-facing, casual or formal, light and summery or winter-ready—MerCom offers specialty made items from the world’s leading brands like Leeds, Port Authority, and Cutter & Buck.

Call us or complete our quick online form right now to see how we can achieve your company’s strategic marketing goals through premium business logo apparel.