Custom Seattle Trade Show Giveaways

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Whether you’re in software design, home improvement, or industrial engineering, trade shows and industry conventions are a significant part of many businesses in Seattle.

While you enjoy the opportunity to interact with clientele, it’s important to remember one thing: to all those trade convention attendees, your booth is just one of many—and you need to do something to stand out from the rows and rows of other booths just like yours.

That’s where MerCom comes in!

We offer the latest products and services to capture the attention of trade fair attendees and keep your brand top of mind. With a wide variety of custom freebie gifts and trade conference giveaways, we have something to offer Seattle companies of all sizes, brand profiles, industries, and locations.

What Are the Most Effective Promotional Products for a Trade Fair in Seattle?

To be successful with custom trade show giveaways, you have to know the playing field. You can’t just choose the cheapest promo items and hope that your attendees will like them! Instead, make sure you hand out the best promotional items for your specific expo and your specific industry by asking yourself these four questions:

  • Who is attending this Seattle trade conference?

A casual window shopper at a bridal expo will want something very different than a wastewater manager attending an annual disaster readiness convention.

That’s why you should first consider the role, expectations, and demographics of your exhibit’s attendees! Based on your unique audience, you’ll be able to narrow down not only the right type of promotional item but also the most effective color scheme, styling, and customization.

  • What kind of promotional item would attendees in Seattle actually use?

Far too many trade show giveaways end up in the trash before the expo is even over.

Avoid such wasted marketing dollars by choosing a freebie that will actually be useful to your attendees. Whiteboard markers and pens, ID lanyards, branded tote bags, hats and sunglasses, and logoed umbrellas all work well because they’re commonly used items in day-to-day life.

  • What is the goal of the expo or exhibition?

Another great way to make sure that your promotional item is actually put to use is to tie it into the events of each specific conference. For instance, hand out:

  • Branded ice packs at a physical therapy expo
  • Handheld mirrors and bobby pin cases at a bridal exhibition
  • High-end tablet carriers for a techie trade conference

The more customized you can get with your trade fair giveaways, the better!

  • How can I make sure this freebie lasts?

Even the most functional free gift won’t be worth the investment if it breaks in a matter of hours. So skip those 2¢ plastic knick-knacks and instead work with a reputable promotional item company that focuses on value and quality over rock-bottom pricing.

If you need guidance narrowing down the right free gift for your industry members, MerCom’s experienced staff would love to help! We know what works for custom trade show giveaways and will help maximize the ROI on your promotional item investment.

Why not make your trade booth stand out by contacting us today?

Interesting Ideas for Your Seattle Trade Show Freebee

No matter your industry or application, the right type of promotional item will hit on all of the attributes mentioned above. It will be:

• Designed for your specific recipients
• In line with the expo’s purpose
• Useful to recipients
• Built to last

Fortunately, there are thousands of promotional items that fit the bill—especially when you work with MerCom!

We can customize absolutely any Seattle trade show giveaway with your company’s logo, slogan, branding, and colors—ensuring that your promo items aren’t useless knick-knacks but rather active tools for customer engagement and brand awareness.

Want some cool ideas for custom trade show giveaways? Check out these hit categories:

Technology Freebies

Even if your business expo or trade convention has nothing to do with technology, everyone appreciates a tech-related freebie that makes life easier! Popular options include:

• Mobile batteries
• Flash drives
• Smart backpacks
• Cable splitters and adapters
• Charging covers and cases
• Headphones
• Portable speakers
• Microfiber screen-cleaning cloths

Apparel Giveaways

Wearable items are a great freebie for virtually any industry since their use lasts far beyond a single trade conference. Just make sure you choose a durable material and popular style from a well-known brand:

• T-shirts
• Polo shirts
• Golfing attire
• Outerwear
• Hats
• Towels
• Tote bags

Award Freebees

Create an interactive game at your booth and announce the winner at the end of the trade convention. Choose fun options like “guess the number of golf balls” or more serious knowledge-based quizzes around your industry’s latest products and services.

MerCom’s award freebies can be laser-cut onto nearly any promotional item:

• Paperweights
• Plaques
• Clocks
• Colored glass
• Specialty shapes

Get the Latest Products and Services in Custom Trade Show Giveaways!

Want to keep your promotional item from being immediately binned, forgotten, or broken? Then trust your next trade booth giveaways to MerCom!

We’ve worked with countless businesses across Seattle, and we offer the perfect blend of high quality and affordable pricing. To set your business apart with useful, valuable, and memorable custom trade show giveaways, contact us for an expert consultation today.